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CUSAS is the first step in evaluating schools with due process protections for students.

Our Mission Learn How

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CUSAS.US Helps Families Search for the Best College or University in the Era of #metoo

May 1 is Decision Day, when high school seniors inform colleges of their plans for the fall. It is an exciting time for high school seniors and their families as years of work and planning certainly give way to bright futures. CUSAS, the best college sexual assault screener, can helpWith the #metoo movement in full swing, some people think that colleges have been too slow to address sexual misconduct on campus. Likewise, others are concerned that colleges have moved too aggressively, tilting toward a presumption of guilt and eroding due process. CUSAS, the College/University Sexual Assault Screener, has compiled data from campus crime records, court cases, and civil rights complaints.Parents and guidance counselors can use this data to ask probing questions of the schools prior to deciding to enroll.

In our first report, Is There a Climate of Accusation on America’s Campuses?, we discuss 10 of the most notable of a group of 50 colleges. These colleges combine unusually high rates of reported rapes with limited due process protections for accused students. The 50 best colleges with the highest rates of reported rape generate 9% of all reports of rape on campuses. Yet together, they only enroll 94,000 students, which is less than ½ of 1% of all students in college. These schools are also subject to a disproportionate share of all litigation related to their handling of sexual misconduct allegations as well as complaints to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.


Recently organized to reach out to the millions of families who search for the best colleges each year, CUSAS is a not-for-profit that shares important information about sexual misconduct and due process on American campuses with the families that most need it. CUSAS helps parents ask the right questions about how schools are dealing with the #metoo era.