The Mission of CUSAS

CUSAS was organized by individuals concerned about the climate of accusation and the loss of due process protections on America’s campuses. In recent years, reports of sexual misconduct on campuses have skyrocketed. Changing instructions from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in 2011 required that colleges address sexual misconduct on campus more aggressively. While this development was welcomed as a long overdue remedy for the problems faced by young women, what emerged were biased processes and campus climates which make respondents to complaints guilty upon accusation.

In the context of this climate of accusation, CUSAS helps families ask important questions and make informed choices about college. With years of data, court cases, and civil rights complaints behind us, it is clear that some colleges have climates and policies that fall short of basic protections for students. Parents deserve to know more about these schools before enrolling. They deserve the chance to ask tough questions of administrators. CUSAS helps parents by articulating the questions that need to be asked before enrolling and by sharing information about the track records of colleges in handling cases of sexual misconduct.

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